peanut butter goodness

sorry for the huge delay! was supposed to update last weekend but i was too lazy to do so. heh~ 19 more working days you SIP people!

6/7/07 (Friday): went out for dinner to celebrate gwen mama’s birthday with the office chat hour gang. (hoped you had a fun time gwen mama! 100 kisses.)

venue: sakae sushi at marina square. the servings there seems to be smaller than other sakae sushi outlets. cheater bugs!

some mouth-watering pictures of our food:

i ate the sashimi bento set because i had cravings for sashimi for a really long time! i hate maguro though.

office chat hour gang (tinggy’s included):

after dinner, ah du and boonzy bought some booze from 7-11 and proceeded to esplanade’s rooftop for a chit-chat session. i left early because i don’t want my mom to start nagging at me again.

and i just received cherie cuzzie’s chocolates from canada! aunt cynthia (cuzzie’s mom) brought it over to my house today! thanks a lot my cuzzie dear!

i can shun away from all chocolates except these – reese peanut butter cups. and royce and godiva and tim tams. eating one heavenly piece (93 calories) of reese means i have to jog an extra round, do 100 more crunches and 50 more lunges to burn it. lol. yes, i count my calories so call me a freak if you must. i’m going to take my own sweet time polishing them off their cups. *hides half the load from the brother* :D

gonna watch harry potter next tuesday! can’t wait to see my beloved rupert grint on big screen. his hair rocks this season.

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