donut fever

i’m feeling so darn tired now because i did not have enough sleep last night. once again the weekends have come to an end. the feeling is too much to bear. i always (okay, not always. only during this freaking SIP period) feel cranky on sunday nights so bother me at your own risk.

so yes, as i mentioned in my previous post, i spent the whole day out yesterday. after i got home, my mom mentioned that sy rogers also came to my church before just that i missed it. lol.

i met noodles for some shopping therapy but i kept thinking about how much cheaper the item would be if i bought it in a spree. so in the end, i did not buy any clothes/bags. i bought these instead:

my SINGfest ticket! yellowcard’s paper walls and the new harry potter book. the potter book was only $48 bucks (minus the $15 gift voucher they gave me = $33) because i was a kinokuniya member. sweet deal. my mom saw the book and questioned me of course. and yes i know this book is based on fiction in case i get questioned again. i will not believe a single thing stated in this book that has relations to witchcraft because i’m only reading this book for pure pleasure and fun.

met gwen mama and ah du at 4pm to queue for donuts at suntec!

the queue wasn’t very long and it only took us around 45 minutes to get our donuts. i think we were the only ones who wrote down a list of what we wanted to buy because had 6 dozens of donuts to buy and picky pig kept changing his mind. once. :X

our box of glazed donuts

a big thank you to ah soon pig for buying us a box of assorted donuts :D

among the 8 donuts that i brought back, i only ate the spicy cheese and double chocolate donut. if you are not much of a sweet tooth, then spicy cheese is for you. i want to try wasabi cheese next time! i don’t remember seeing it though. hmmm…

us girls camwhoring with our donuts:

something really funny happened while we were at chatting at starbucks but i’m only allowed to post it on the 25th of august. so please be patient until then. i’ve watched the video more than 10 times and i still laugh every single time i watch it. LOL.

more camwhoring at excelsior hotel’s toilet before the talk:

the talk was alright. only 50% of it went into my brain because i was really tired. however, uncle sam’s sharing today was so strong it made me think about how active i used to be in church. now, i don’t even know half of the people there. but it’s my fault for not putting the effort anyways.

time for bed. can’t wait the next weekend to come.

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