flying charcoal bits

i wanted to blog at work today (i even saved the pictures in my thumbdrive!) but the school’s internet was being a bitch. there’s not much to do at work these days. trying to prolong whatever assignments we have so that there’s something to write in my e-sip journal. :D 7 more working days left~ and i’m getting really excited about SINGfest. i’ve been watching TAI videos for the past few days and i’m really swept up in the euphoria of being able to see them in 9 days time.

alrighty then, on to the updates:

26/07/2007 (Thursday): my aunts came over to my house for a potluck dinner in conjunction with bidding my aunt cynthia bon voyage as she was going back to canada that saturday.

some pictures of some of the food. the fish was seriously delicious. it practically melts in your mouth.

macaron cake! i immediately plucked one out after my aunt cut the cake. haha. the cake was delish as well but i only took one bite from my mom’s piece because because.

28/07/2007 (Saturday): had bbq at mr. turner’s house with the IT department!

he has this really huge 5 month old golden retriever which raped tinggy like crazy and i happen to have the video of the whole raping scene. anybody interested? lol.

two thumbs up for the food. we had sambal stingrays, sambal sotongs, my favourite hotdogs, chicken satay etc. the sambal stingrays are so mmmmmm…

too bad mama hen wasn’t around. his grandmother passed away and he’s back at indonesia for her wake. i would love to carry out more pranks/make fun of him before i leave. lol.

i’m trying my darnest to memorise songs by the academy is so that i can sing along next thursday. i hate it when my favourite bands play and i can’t sing along with them because i do not know the lyrics well!!! so these few days has been really santi-fied. and no, santi’s not my maid. :)

[mood: | excited]
[ : the academy is – lax to o’hare]


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