singfest 2007

it’s 2 days after SINGfest and i’m still feeling quite high about it. my brain is constantly playing back whatever that has happened like once in every few hours. lol. i never want to forget this memory. ever.

i must say i prefer festivals compared to a one-band concert. it’s easier to meet bands personally as you can hang out the artiste tent area and spot band members coming in and out of their tents after/before concerts. and when you spot them, scream their names until your throat hurts. the cons about festivals is that each band can only perform like around 8 to 10 songs? which is not enough for me! i want more!

alright i shall cut the crap and carry on with what you have been waiting for. or not.

09/08/2007 (thursday):

equiped with my dad’s 7.1 megapix camera (plus 3 extra SD cards) i made my way down to ang mo kio to meet esli. it was freaking raining and i prayed to God that it wouldn’t rain later. i mean, it rarely rains on NDP. in fact, i don’t remember having rains on 9th august. lol.

thankfully the rain stopped and settled down to a slight drizzle. esli and i cabbed down to fort canning and around 30 people were already there queuing. as the ground was wet, we had to stand for like 2 hours before we could sit down. but i had lots of energy despite only having 4 hours of sleep.

two vans pulled up behind us and these people came out:

one of the vans contained the academy is crew members! (1)josh – the guitar tech, (2)tony – tour manager, (3)james – sound guy. yes, i did my research. lol nah, just kidding. watch TAI TV episode 18 and you’ll know them all. the only person missing was chris the merch guy! how could he be missing! i wanted to buy some merch larh. dang! anyways, the second van pulled up after the first van left and we thought TAI would be in there. but when they opened the doors, all that was inside were just equipments (as seen in the above picture). what a letdown. lol.

i was sitting down stoning when suddenly, i heard a tiny scream from behind. i turned and saw this super skinny guy clad in an all-black outfit coming out of a van. it. was. william. beckett. and. i. ****ing. screamed. i whipped out the camera automatically from my bag and starting capturing every moment of it. the rest of the band was in the van too. including jack the camera man. and suddenly, girls were running all over the place.

yes! he was that close to me. can you see that he’s looking straight at me in the third picture? LOL. damn it. after watching the videos countless of times, i realized that i’m a dumbass. a huge dumbass. since william (and the rest of the band) was so close to me, why didn’t i grab his arm and make him take a picture with him?! or ask him to bloody sign my ticket?! why is my brain so dead when it comes to times like these?! brings me back to the whole good charlotte fiasco thing. *angry at self*

anyways, here’s a video of him asking us “whose cap is this?”. so friggin’ cute:

oh yes, sorry for the watermark and the lousy quality of the video (youtube just loves to compressing videos). haha. i can’t help it because i’m a fishmonger and i sell fish. basically almost all the pictures i’m going to post are FULL of watermarks. i’m entitled to it since i took them. i know that the pictures looks like crap with those things but oh well, i’m evil like that. *grins*

come to think of it, they’re the only band who came in from the main entrance.

after TAI left, gabe saporta from cobra starship came to the entrance to greet us.

woot~ i have a feeling TAI told him to come out or something. i think he spent like half an hour taking pictures and signing autographs? he’s really nice. really. william is nice too. man, you should see the way he talked to his fans. gentle voice + serene smile = so dreamy~

the security started adding in barriers and organizing the queue. thankfully we were still at the same spot. but lots of people went to the front when gabe was there. they came to the front and didn’t go back to their places. tsk.

the gates were finally opened. it was supposed to open at 1pm! but at least they saved some time by checking our tickets and giving us our wristbands during the wait. we ran as fast as we could to the stage and snagged the second row at the left of the stage. i forgot how long we waited before the first band (great spy experiment) came out to play. i wasn’t really paying attention until crowned king came out.

the lead singer was sizzling hot. he reminds me of ian watkins when he was younger. and because i’m so kind, i left this picture un-watermarked. L O L.

next up was cobra starship!

only gabe pictures (and one of ryland as he’s just in front of us) because i love him the most in the band and for the sake of frana as well. haha. frana, quick thank me now!

cobra starship + the academy is = bring it (snakes on the plane). totally expected.

but instead of gym class doing the rap part, sisky business from TAI was the one who did it and he touched gabe’s privates.

naturally after cobra starship was the academy is. and damn, they were good. i enjoyed it so so much. i sang and screamed (like a rabid fangirl) until my throat hurt (i’m grateful for the supply of water the bouncers provide us every half hour). i think william was very surprised that they were so well received in singapore. he said that they’ll be back and they better be. because so far, 3 bands have said that and none of them are back. yet.

woah this image is huge. i love william’s pink briefs. so gay yet so hot. LOL.

here’s another video:

then, it was gym class heroes. and the sky was getting dark as well. i don’t really like gym class heroes though. i only like the songs they sang with patrick and 7 weeks because it’s with william. hah!

gabe came out for a few seconds to sing some song which i can’t remember. but it got me screaming.

we went to get food because we’re starving like crazy. one slice of pizza costs $5 and one bottle of 500ml water costs $3. insane. but before that, we saw a crowd at the artiste tent area and we went to have a look. it was william!!! but i didn’t get the chance to take a picture with him yet again. don’t want to talk about it already. yes esli. TWICE. we missed the chance TWICE. lol. let’s bang our heads against the wall with our pillows.

we were lottering with a really small crowd at the artiste tent area. we saw sisky and butcher. we bloody screamed their names but they only turned and waved before leaving. william stuck out his head from the tent as well. he waved and went back in. probably for an interview or some sort.

a few minutes later, we see gabe coming out from the same tent dragging his luggage and holding a can of drink. we screamed of course, and he came towards us. haha!!! and we got this picture:

credits to ESLI for this picture. gabe actually grabbed her camera and took this picture for us. don’t wipe/clean your camera EVER. better yet, go make copies of his fingerprints. LOL.
he’s so nice larh. he smells nice too. XD we waited for like half an hour more to see if william’s going to come out of his tent but he never did. i think he left while gabe was with us. *pouts* either that, he left through the back or something. which is quite ridiculous since we can’t climb over the barricades either.

we left after the noisettes played because esli wanted to watch them. truthfully, i didn’t really like them. the girl sure can scream. my ears were still okay before i heard them play. but after the noisettes, i could hardly hear myself.

skipped mxpx and hinder because because.

lastly, here are some of the pictures i took. the ones above are mostly screenshots from my videos. lol. i actually used up all my SD cards and the files add up to 1.45GB in total. :D oh joy.

i love this picture LOADS! i was quite surprised to find this in the camera. i can’t even remember when i took it. i’m gonna blow it up and stick it on my wall.

[mood: high]
[ : cobra starship – bring it (snakes on the plane)]


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