things you miss when it’s over

my internship is finally over! at the beginning of this internship, all i wanted was for it to end as soon as possible. but i think i’m going to miss it now. especially my colleagues who made every single day filled with fun and happiness.

introducing my colleagues:

from left to right (top): me, tinggy, siqi. (bottom): qingwen, mama hen. i will miss the pillow fights, the screaming, the paper throwing, the crazy dancing and bullying mama hen. haha! siqi even made a dvd for us to commerate what crazy things we have done. hilarious stuff. we even had a premiere screening of it at the imac lab yesterday. without the students in school, the compound’s OURS! woo~

06/08/2007 (monday): after work, siqi, tinggy and i went to ikea for dinner. we had hotdogs and:

it was siqi’s farewell treat to us. thank you very much! feel very touched and loved. (: bought myself 2 boxes with floral motifs for only $1.90 at ikea. i don’t really need them but since i seldom go to ikea, i shall just stock it up until i need to use it. after which, we went over to the sports building to buy tinggy’s sport shoes for the upcoming napfa test! i think i’m going to fail it. especially my standing broad jump. i hate it. during my secondary school days, mr shue would always put his stupid tool box (but it’s used to hold our wallets) on the passing mark and make us jump over it. and it always works. LOL. that’s how i always pass my SBJ.

08/08/2007 (wednesday): the ah bish IT department planned to go for bowling at marina square after work but we played pool instead because the bowling arena was full.

we had lots of laughs because of mama hen. whoever has him in the group (because we change groups every round) will definitely lose the game terribly even if the best player is in his group. his energy will effect his other team members too. how freaky is that?

09/08/2007 (thursday): SINGfest!!! but i shall blog about this day on a separate post later because i want to.

10/08/2007 (friday): as today was our last day of internship at zhss, our supervisor treated the whole department to canadian pizza!

after work, the OCHR (ah du, gwen mama, tinggy, boonzy, ham, pig and i) had a after-sip celebration dinner ! ah soon pig treated us all to steamboat at marina bay.

i feel bad because he already treated us to donuts twice. lol.

boonzy and pig gaying / pig, ham giving a really nice pose (first time)

i loved the steamboat stuff more than the meats. mushroom balls, meat balls, tao pok and such. the fish was super unfresh though. thankfully, nothing happened to my stomach.


i think i’m still lacking of sleep. wednesday and thursday nights were really rough. i only managed to catch like 4 hours of sleep on each day because my brain kept making think about SINGfest. lol! but you know what? it’s okay because it’s the holidays! rejoice everybody!!!

i shall blog about SINGfest later. as ah du’s friend, joline, would say, “SINGfest, baby!”. haha!


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