cooking is fun part.II

like wow, i’m actually blogging again. well, this is what happens when i’m home the whole day. i get bored, i find things to do and i blog about it.

my maid taught me how to make gyoza aka jiaozi in chinese aka potstickers in english. it is one of my favourite foods so i MUST learn it before auntie leaves. ): if not i can’t get to eat my favourite foods ever again. so yes, during this holiday, i’m going to learn as many dishes as i can! i realized that i haven’t cooked since after my secondary 4 F&N practical exams. man, that’s long. lol. i have nothing against cooking, really. i just HATE washing up. hate hate hate.

so yes, let’s take a look at my wonderful creation:

(1) making the skin. it’s just basically made of flour and water. knead and roll until it becomes as thin as wanton skin and cut it using a round cutter.
(2) the stuffings. minced meat, prawns and lots and lots of chives (i like!).
(3) wrap it with style.
(4) end product. i actually wrapped 70% of these alright. pro? :D

after which, you can boil, steam or pan-fry it (after boiling it for 10 minutes first). i like it pan-fried but since i’m a health freak now, my maid boiled everything and i ate it with vinegar and ginger. just like xiao long baos. woo~

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