bleh. changed my layout just to show my love for the academy is (especially william beckett). i don’t really like it though because it’s so similar to the previous one. not that i wanted it to look like the previous layout. it’s just that i can’t find any good pictures of TAI.

anyways, i’m happily slacking at home now. i don’t really feel like working but i need the extra cash for shopping ):

met tinggy on monday at bugis for a few hours. accompanied her to shop! why are they so many people in town when it’s a freaking weekday? don’t people need to work?!

went out with noodles yesterday for some non-online retail therapy. and i wondered why everything looks the same (shoes in particular). i want something fresh from the oven! thus, i bought another plain t-shirt from art friend. i’m going to print william’s face on it. bahaha! *goes to think of a design*

had lunch at hong kong cafe:

we shared everything so that we could order more dishes. the bo luo pao was okay but i think they should cook the pineapple. i have never liked raw pineapples.

and i think i irritated noodles a lot because i kept saying billbeckett more than 10000 times. :D yay.

[mood: | discontent]
[ : the academy is – checkmarks]


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