all over again

yes, i’ve handed up my darn report on sunday and ever since, i have been slacking. well, not exactly. i want to catch up on my dramas!!! but unfortunately, i have to put that off till like maybe next week? because i’m:

(1) designing my mom’s canvas shoes
(2) designing a business card for my aunt
(3) designing a beckham wallpaper for ah du
(4) one of my aunts is coming down on saturday to learn how to make clay buddies from me (though i find that there’s nothing much to teach in this area. lol. :X)

and i’m doing all these on my own free will because i’m nice. :D

i need to get a job soon. because the more i stay at home, the more money i spend. this is really a serious case. and i need to stop. L O L. only gwen mama will encourage me to continue. :X am i right?

//edit: GOODNESS. gwen mama just landed me with a job lobang~ we’re going to start work on the 30th. man, suddenly i wished i had more slack time. L O L.

heading down to school later for the napfa test. though i’ve been jogging this past month, i can’t help but feel that i will still fail my 2.4km run (and the stupid standing broad jump which i hate hate hate). LOL. whatever. i don’t have to go to the army anyways. :X heh.

sigh, billbeckett~

[mood: | emotionless]
[ : the academy is – attention]


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