baking is fun too!

i just baked a huge batch of neiman-marcus chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. yes, my maid was there to help but i have to say i did 70% of the whole baking process. :P

i grated the whole hershey’s chocolate bar for one freaking hour! auntie just did most of the stirring because i have no strength. L O L. rolling the dough into tiny balls was the most enjoyable part. it does look a bit like meatballs, doesn’t it?

the outcome was pretty good i must say. addictive stuff. no kidding.

so, anybody wants a cookie? (:

//edit: okay, so this is the actual amount of cookies baked.

when my dad saw the plate of cookies, he actually yelped and said, “SO MANY?!”. lol!! so seriously, if you really want some cookies, let me know. i will be glad to give you some. :D don’t worry, you won’t get a tummyache.

oh yes, regarding the napfa test yesterday, we didn’t take it. HAHA! because it was going to rain and the guy said that if we wanted to take the risk, go ahead. if it rains, the whole thing will be canceled. he included that girls need not take the test so we left. L O L. most of the people went there to fail anyway (i heard them saying it out loud), so what’s the point, right?

[mood: | sore]
[ : the academy is – almost here]


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