crying over spilt milk

met gwen mama at newton early in the morning to fill up some application form and sign some documents at the National Environment Agency. we’ll be starting work at Health Science Authorities on the 30th of august and we’re working for the Centre For Radiation Protection and Nuclear Science department. like, woah. LOL. hope we don’t get cancer from the radiation after the 6 weeks. nah, touchwood. haha!

after that, we met tinggy at AMK hub for lunch (and to pass her my cookies as well)!

since we’re all on a tight budget, we ate at the foodcourt instead. but the money saved from eating at the food court instead of a restaurant was spent on a pair of peep-toe wedges. bam! so basically i save money on food so that i can shop. lol. i’m still waiting for the last and final pay from my internship! i expect it to come at the end of the month – which is really soon.

as i needed some billbeckett lovin’, i went to rewatch the videos that i took during singfest and my heart just broke all over again. L O L. yes yes, i’m still hung up over the whole “why-didn’t-i-take-a-picture-with-william” thing. it will probably never go away so i shall just stay away from the videos that i took personally. which is kinda sad.

more cookie deliveries tomorrow and i’m only left with a dozen :D

[mood: | crushed]
[ : the academy is – everything we had]


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