my house is parent-less until wednesday (they’re on their 1038572th honeymoon at genting)! so, we have a little more freedom. especially what to cook during meals. since my dad (aka the rice bucket) is not around, i can cook whatever i feel like eating and that makes me happy. (:

i made okonomiyaki for my maid and my brother for dinner just a while ago. i’ve always wanted to try cooking this. i remembered looking for diy okonomiyaki restaurants when i was in japan but i couldn’t find any. maybe i didn’t look hard enough. so anyways, these are the ingredients used:

and i followed the recipe from here. the one serving in the recipe was way too big for me. i suggest splitting the batter into 2 pieces of okonomiyaki and share it with who-ever. and instead of using water, use dashi instead. you can add shredded cheese on top as well. melted cheese = oomph!

this is what you get when you cook it right:

i’m gonna cook it for my parents when my maid’s on her off day! :D

i love cooking. brings me back to the F&N days during my secondary school years.

[mood: | jubilant]
[ : paramore – thats what you get]


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