back to the 60’s

met up with gwen for dinner + movie at marina square after her basic driving theory test today.

congrats on passing your test! (:

thick toast with melted butter and maple syrup. mmmmm~ glad we shared this. one whole piece to ourselves would be too much to take.

main course:

i actually wanted the steamed version of my black pepper chop + rice but they gave me the sautéed version instead. oh well.

anyways, the movie we watched was *insert drum roll* HAIRSPRAY!

this movie does not have enough zac efron in it! other than that, it was pretty enjoyable. some of the songs were really nice and even though it was a musical, it was not lacking in the humor department. and gwen loves john travolta and his fake elastic face. the whole theatre was anticipating a sizzling kiss between john travolta and christopher walken but it didn’t happen. LOL. it would be quite an excruciating sight though. :P

i just received my top from the forever21 spree!

i love it even though if it’s in hot pink (a colour i seldom wear). in fact i love this tee even more than my little miss naughty tee. :\ i’m changing. i’m evolving. LOL. i haven’t bought a black top for a while (1 month) now. woo~

blah. i’m so broke right now, i don’t even know what to say. and next week, i have 3 consecutive days of outings after work. *stabs self* i shall abstain from shopping until october the 13th. hopefully i can achieve that. *cross fingers* but i seriously doubt so. you’ll never know what might happen after i get my last SIP pay.

work starts tomorrow. hopefully the people and the working environment would be nice. (:

[mood: | optimistic]
[ : zac efron – ladies’ choice]


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