i want to eat and live like a japanese

it’s time for an update! work’s still the same. filing and shredding, filing and shredding… yes, easy money. =D

i’m not feeling very chatty at the moment so i’ll just keep this short and sweet.

3/9/2007 (monday): met up with the ZHSS ah bish IT department for k-box dinner buffet. had lots of laughs because of mamahen. sang a couple of songs but since my chinese is really limited, i only mumbled my songs. haha! the food was alright. mostly japanese cuisine which i love love love.

6/9/2007 (thursday): mummy brought my maid, brother and i out for dinner at waraku, central.

this was the view from our table. quite a soothing sight, i must say.

the food:

i LOVE avocados.

this is a must-try dish! we ordered it because it sounded really unique. basically, it’s coated with a thin layer of potato, mochi and cheese filing in the middle. delightful. ahh~ the wonders of fusion cuisine. i have a few more pictures of the rest of the food but they didn’t come out so well due to the really dim lighting in the restaurant. we ended off our meal with a mouthful of tempura ice cream each. :) wouldn’t mind going back to both waraku and pasta de waraku another time because their food is really good.

7/9/2007 (friday): my hottopic spree items finally arrived!

look at my fangirl tee. though i would prefer it to be “i heart the academy is”, FOB’s fine.

it’s time for bed. another day has come and gone.

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