menopause is evil

i wanted to do a really happy post about the happy stuff but sadly, i’m not up for it at the moment because my mom just scolded me for no apparent reason and it’s all thanks to my brother. he was supposed to come home after tuition at 10pm but he only came back at 11pm because he was playing cards and chess with his friends at some place without telling my mother in advance. naturally he got scolded but why does my mom have to drag me in instead?! why does menopause even exist in the first place? why did God even “invented” this thing? menopause seriously shows the ugly side of a person which can almost be compared to sesame street’s oscar the grouch but 100 times more grouchy. cuzzie pong, please invent a cell that prevents menopause or something. lol.

talking about cuzzie pong, i met up with her on tuesday for some gelare waffles + ice cream.

oregon hazelnut yoghurt with toasted waffles = yum. the yoghurt does not taste like yoghurt though. we did some catching up as well and pong told me that she’s going to invent a bacteria which can eat away our fat cells so that we can stay thin and lean forever. LOL. she’s one mad scientist in the making.

work has been pretty good this week because both my supervisors were on leave plus the office is always empty most of the time. i stay in my room with gwen mama, learning kana, taking cat naps and making faces for gwen when she asks me to. -_-. excited, sad, what would my face be like if there’s a typhoon, how will i react if my legs were on fire etc etc etc. and she says it’s to prepare me for my acting career when she becomes the CEO of mediacorp. haha! she is such a joker.

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[ : arashi – we can make it]


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