viva la pasta!

alright, alright! so my picture in the previous post was a fakie. why didn’t you guys fall for my trick?! hmph! but i am really going to cut my hair soon.. :D but not that short, obviously. i have led 14 years of my life with short hair so i’m not going to chop it all off anytime soon.

[random] i’m so addicted to the new cobra starship song, i have it on repeat and it has been playing for like more than 5 hours already. insane. overdose = not good at all. i had a serious overdose of lostprophet’s album and i’ve stopped listening to it entirely. but i still love them of course. ian watkins = the hotness. [/random]

okay, enough fangirl-ing and talking about stuff that does not interest the major public. haha.

went back to school for major project + semester briefing. not really necessary because i think only 10% of it went into my head? all i could think about was lunch at pasta mania after the briefing.

because the student discount starts at 2pm, we had to slack at TM/century square for 2 hours. walked around, smelt the estee lauder pleasures delight perfume (i like), looked at shoes, etc.

and after enduring the hunger pangs, we could finally have our long awaited lunch:

pasta mania has cooked up some new recipes so gwen mama and i tried them. i had the cheese sausage s-something pasta, whilst gwen mama had the herbal prawn i-don’t-know-what-it-is-called-exactly pasta. my sausages were a tad too salty but other than that, it was yummy.

i have no idea why, but i kinda like how my spaghetti looks in the first picture. and taking pictures with my french braid is so not flattering. i asked my maid to tie the french braid for me in the morning because i wanted her to do it one last time for me before she leaves on the 15th of october. i am so going to miss her :( more on that when she leaves but for now, i just want to enjoy her cooking and company while i can.

can’t wait for sushi sunday! gonna hone my cooking skills so that i can make more delicious food for my family :D but can i not do the dishes? HAHA.

[mood: | depressed]
[ : cobra starship – guilty pleasure]


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