kids nowadays..

some random 12 year old girl added me on msn. :\ she got my email from this billy martin fanlisting site which i joined like many years ago. first thing she said to me was, “look at my display picture, billy is so sexy here!” (i thought she was at least 14-16 years old when she said that).

when i was 12, my friends and i were into pink, hello kitty (*cringe*) and huan zhu gege (oh, the horror). i don’t think i have ever used the word sexy to describe any guy. i know times have changed and kids are getting more appalling by the second but i don’t know… i just have this funny feeling in my tummy. lol. and this 12 year old is listening to the same music that i’m listening to (at least she doesn’t listen to cobra starship or the academy is. LOL). it’s so… degrading. haha! i know music is for all ages to enjoy but i can’t help but feel this way.

ahs. just ignore this randomly random post of mine.

[mood: | blah]
[ : cobra starship – the city is at war]


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