yesterday was officially the last day of my 6-week job! (i limped around the office with difficulty and gwen mama kept calling me “white leg girl”. hmph!) i finally get to rest again, even though it’s only for a week, i’m happy :D i know gwen’s going to miss her dr. yim aka professor turtle (who gave her a golden abacus keychain. go check, maybe it’s 16 carats. haha!) our supervisors are so nice, they treated us to lunch. we did resist their offer but they insisted.

dinner was at breakthrough dimsum cafe at people’s park center. i’ve been craving for dim sums ever since gwen started raving to me about this place.

the chee cheong fun and the century egg porridge are my favourites. the cystal chive ball was rather good too because i love chives. i would so definitely go back to this place. not only was the food good, the people there were friendly as well.

i can never leave chinatown without shopping for some chains and pendants to make me some necklaces. went to our usual knick-knack shops. i couldn’t walk very fast due to my ankle but i still had lots of energy. :D shopping makes me high and i forget about the pain. yes.

after that, we had desserts:

the waiter introduced the walnut and almond paste which was quite tasty but i could finish it because too much of it made me… kinda sick. so, always share your desserts. lol. look at the colourful menu. i guess that’s what attracted us (and the glutinous rice balls).

since it was only 8pm, we proceeded on to people’s park complex and i have to say that stuff in chinatown don’t come cheap. the clothes are all above 40 bucks and shoes range from 29-50. but some shoes can’t be found in orchard or bugis and one pair caught my eye. but since i seldom go to chinatown, i doubt i’ll have a chance to buy it.

i’ve got my september pay! i can resume all online shopping again. :X

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