hold your head high heavy heart

the house is really quiet. it used to be filled with little sounds – the boiling of water in pots, the chop chop chopping, endless chatter of auntie’s voice… but it’s all gone now and i can only fill myself up by blasting music in my ears. yes, i’m still surviving but i was really frustrated the past couple of days due to PMS. you should see the way i chop the chicken (or maybe you shouldn’t). my mom says it’s natural to be like that at the beginning. but it’s so… ew.

and one day after my maid left, the market three blocks away from my house was burnt down. i literally saw the huge flames swallow it up. i’m glad that nobody got hurt though. i have more than 30 favourite stalls in that market! but seriously, just when we needed the market the most, it had to get burnt down. coincidence or cursed?

met up with ah du and gwen mama on monday. had lunch at vil’age before going to far east plaza for some retail therapy.

i ALWAYS eat savoury crepes when i go to vil’age (ex-marche). i had strawberry crepes for dessert too. :D i just go crepe crazy when i’m there. ah du’s cheese sausage was really good but too much of it will make you nauseated.

i chopped off my long hair on sunday. i actually brought along pictures of hayley along with me. it doesn’t look quite like hers but i’m satisfied with it. at least i can now headbang without having my whole face covered with hair. :D

i’m going to start preparing for dinner in awhile. i’ve been cooking dinner for the past 3 days and i must say it really drains a lot of time away from me. the oyaku-don (chicken and egg rice bowl) i made 2 days ago looked like crap (that’s why i didn’t take a picture of it) but tasted really oishii~

once school starts, it’s going to be sandwich or stew for dinner almost everyday :\

[mood: | crappy]
[ : the academy is – the phrase that pays]


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