when you’re home alone

it has been 3 days since school started. my timetable is rather empty (fridays off! :D ) but i guess we’ll be staying back in school loads in the future due to the major project.

met up with noodles and soon bee at AMKhub for dinner yesterday. it’s been a loooong time since we met up with each other.

they’re getting married soon and i don’t even have a boyfriend :\

dinner was at this noodle place which served food court standard dishes at a higher price.

they might look good to you but they taste only mediocre. so i have nothing much to rave about whatever you see above. (:

we walked around the hub to digest our food and bumped into my SIP supervisor at NTUC. he looks quite haggard, probably definitely due to the stress at zhss. after which we slacked at macdonalds, sharing a cup of mochaccino and talking about marriage and babies. :\ those two really plan far ahead. me? i’m just happy being young and single.

this, is mcCafe’s mochaccino. it bland and i don’t taste the mocha goodness you can taste in a cup of starbucks’.

so, even though i’ve got no school today and can very well slack the whole day, i chose not to and gave myself a list of things to do (aren’t i hardworking?):

i have already done two of the eleven tasks! not bad, i must say.

i was packing up my wardrobe and found the yukata, bought from japan, still wrapped in a plastic bag. so i decided to “air” it:

i don’t know when i will ever wear this out of the house though. probably never. maybe i’ll just wear it at home, close my eyes and pretend that i’m in japan. haha! what a retarded idea…

[mood: | satisfied]
[ : cobra starship – one day, robots will cry]


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