can you feel the pressure now?

met up with cuzzie pong yesterday. gave her a belated birthday treat at gelare, our favourite cuzzie hangout destination.

notice how pongie always has this delighted grin on her face when she’s at gelare?

waffles with blueberry cheesecake yoghurt = yum. yoghurt has never tasted so good. and the best thing is that it’s 97% fat free. me likes. (:

we walked around raffles city a lil’ bit. saw this cherry-print happyhouse bag going for only 8 bucks. we were quite tempted to get it due to the price but the print colours were a little runny. that explains why it’s so cheap. i didn’t buy it in the end because i’m still waiting for 2 spree bags to arrive. it’s taking forever!

i spent my precious time doing something really unnecessary but i just had to do it because a plain ol’ notebook just turns me off. so there you go, a really fangirl-ish notebook featuring the academy is:

but it didn’t take very long either because i had the stuffs cut out during the weekends. :D

i’m a happy girl now. well, not exactly… :\

[mood: | blah]
[ : daughtry – what about now]


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