leave me be

sometimes, i wish i could be a kid again – with no worries, pressure or anything that would affect my mood negatively. but it’s such a selfish wish and i shall not dwell on that further.

sunday (18/11/2007): went to church for morning service before meeting ah liamz,

for saybons at plaza singapura.

the media has been raving about saybons ever since it opened, but it wasn’t really fantastic. the brocolli and cheddar soup was delish but the crepes are not worth it at all.

after that, we walked around town; combed far east plaza to be exact because i wanted to look for the balenciaga inspired motorcycle bag that gwen mama told me about but i couldn’t find what i wanted. :( but at least i got a royal blue cardigan from cotton-on body at wisma.

then, we rested our tired little feet at MOS burger and bumped into boony. chatted for a little while before heading to AMK hub for dinner and grocery shopping with my family.

dad decided to be generous this week and brought us to ichiban sushi. the sashimi was really fresh and i had my fill of inari sushi which i have been craving for quite some time.

i need space to breathe.

[mood: | uncomfortable]
[ : skye sweetnam – music is my boyfriend]


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