waraku v.2

met up with pongie for lunch tea today at marina square’s pasta de waraku.

this is how pongie look’s like when she’s excited and hungry at the same time.

i must say that the pizza was really good despite its super thin crust. so if you’re a thick crust lover, you might not like this.

we ordered a pizza set meal each. the pasta choice was really limited though.

and because pongie was late for an hour, dessert was on her at azabu sabo (thanks again, pongie!):

soft ice cream with green tea sauce and anko paste. good stuff. out of the whole menu, this was the only item that’s worth its price.

after that, i met my dad at sun plaza to get a new phone, the auspicious-coloured W910i. it’s so auspicious-looking, i think even my grandmother would love it. (: i got this because i’m tired of black phones. it’s 100 times lighter than my bulky nokia and it even has this mood sensing function which plays emo songs when you’re feeling emo. i haven’t tried that function yet so i’m not really sure if it works. but obviously you have to put your emo songs under the sad category. some people might prefer to put happy songs in the sad category and why am i rambling so much i should stop now because i have a marketing test to study for.

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