auzzie day 1: is it even day 1?!

first of all, happy birthday mommy! i sewed her a strawberry pouch with my atrocious sewing skills. the zip came out though because i did not sew a stopper for it. :( and she laughed at me. lol! but it’s still usable. :D

day one should not even be considered as day one because my flight was at 11.10pm (GMT+8) and arrived at brisbane airport at about 10am, australia time (GMT+10) :\

went straight to the airport after marketing paper with beloved ah liam who accompanied me until my family came. ♥

we walked around terminal 1 and 2, had tea at popeye’s and camwhored a little.

we had a free regular coleslaw because the counter girl finds ah liam pretty. LOL. the whipped potato was really good. well, not the best but better than KFC’s.

after about 3 hours or so, my family finally arrived at the airport. we had dinner at sakae sushi because i love japanese food.

we didn’t eat a lot though because we knew that there would be food served to us on the plane. and they sure did, at an ungodly hour of 2.30am.

after dinner, we slacked a bit at starbucks before checking in with the whole tour group which consisted of 30 people. had green tea latte because i was feeling a wee bit cold.

the tour group was mainly made up of families with tiny kids. i don’t think people should bring their little kids to holidays because they won’t remember a single thing when they grow up. waste of experience and money, to be honest.

did a little bit of duty free shopping and boarded the flight at 10.20pm. watched ratatouille, slept for 3 hours and watched half of no reservations which i continued on my flight back home.

that’s about it for day one which is not even day one. it’s so freaking noisy now, i think i’m about to have a headache. stupid renovations and upgrading work. it’s irritating me. now that i’m back from australia, i’m feeling so bloody stressed till’ the point that i’ve lost all the fun experienced from auzzie. :( boo-hoo.

[mood: | irritated]
[ : the veronicas – someone wake me up]


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