auzzie day 2 : paradise country

immediately after getting off the plane at the brisbane airport, we were shoo-ed into the tour bus by our tour leader, nancy (we call her nancy drew behind her back). everybody was feeling really lethargic and lifeless because sleeping on the plane is seriously pain-inducing unless you’re in the business/first class.

so yes, we spent the whole afternoon at paradise country. i don’t think the place suits it’s name though. it’s so commercialized, i can sense that even the animals don’t feel happy there. a real farm rears and raises animals but apparently this “farm” only puts a couple of each animal for show. i was tremendously disappointed. i thought i could milk the cows, feed the sheeps and kangeroos, even hug a cuddly koala bear. but no! i did nothing of such. all i could do was take pictures of them. that’s it. well, at least i got to experience the real farm 13 years ago. i’m glad those memories are still vividly etched in my brain.

looking at the fur of the koala bear makes me sad. it shows that they are not very well taken care of. but yeah, they’re still cute and all.

total number of kangeroos available in the “farm”: 4. these two were free to roam around for tourists to take pictures with them.

some very lonely farm animals.

probably the most natural farm-ish looking picture i took.

with so little animals to look at, you might be wondering how the hell we managed to spend 5 hours in that pathetic farm. it’s due to their shows/demonstrations.

first, we had the sheep shearing show:

that man is 50 years old but he looks like he’s in his 30s. wonders of the caucasian gene. the show was alright. the whole process looked painful though. but the sheep did not make a single sound.

some pictures of random sheeps. the last one amuses me.

after which we had lunch (was too hungry to take pictures. just imagine fresh poached dory fish with lots of green salad) followed by the making of billy tea which made my eyes tear like crazy due to the soot. billy tea bread was really good though. tasted like scones. the whole “farm” thing ended with a boomerang throwing show and some whip cracking thing. nothing much really. i just wanted the whole thing to end asap.

i slept like a log while the bus brought us to our hotel. it’s called the vibe hotel and located right in the middle of surfer’s paradise. i like. it was also a 5 minute walk away from the shopping district and 10 minutes from the gold coast beach. :D

some pictures of my room (it was one of the most spacious hotel rooms i have ever lived in). i had to share the room with my stinky brother. i took the bed next to the window of course. because i’ve always wanted the sun to shine on my butt when i wake up (you know, like in the movies). the next day, the sun did shine on my butt. but it was so freaking hot, i woke up and closed the curtains. i checked the clock and went “what the hell” because it was only 4am and i don’t need to get up until 7. -_- so ever since, i made sure that the curtains are closed before i go to bed. lol.

views from my balcony.

this is one small part of the shopping district near the hotel. the first shop that we went into was mango. there was some christmas sale going on and i got these two tops for 19 bucks each.

dinner was at some chinese restaurant. it’s included in the tour package so we can’t get to choose what we want to eat. i mean, who the hell eats chinese food in a western country. but thankfully, only 2 dinners were included in the package. yes, the other dinner was chinese as well. -_- meh.

merry christmas eve. (:

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