auzzie day 3: movie world

day three was spent at movie world. it wasn’t really huge but the rides and shows got us through from 10am to 4pm. i think i took all the rides except for the wet/kiddy ones.

we started off with:

because this performance has to be over before they can officially open up movie world for the day; something like their daily ritual. this was more for the little ones though.

thereafter, nancy drew made us take the looney tunes river ride even though most of us rather not (it’s still the same ride from 13 years ago). she could have just let us roam around on our own and sit down for a cup of coffee or something.

next, my brother and i took the lethal weapon ride. it was awesome. my dad calls it the get-thrown-around-like-a-rag-doll coaster. lol. in a way yes, there were so many bends, loops, sidewinders i couldn’t really tell what was going on throughout the ride. i couldn’t even feel my dangling legs. plus my vision was kinda blurry because it was going quite fast. but it was immensely enjoyable. my mom said i was insane because the camera captured me smiling whereas my brother’s face was scrunched up in fear. LOL. oh well, i’m a sucker for roller coasters.

other mentionable rides are the the batwing spaceshot and the superman escape roller coaster.

my dad actually took this ride 3 times. not as thrilling as lethal weapon but still enjoyable. the view was really nice from the top though.

this is the superman escape ride. i took this ride alone because my brother was too chicken. i was a wee bit hesitant at first. i mean, look at the steepness of those tracks! but i did not regret one single bit. the experience was really something. it was way faster than lethal weapon (less than 10 seconds?) and contains more terrifying g-forces.

had lunch while queuing up for the 4D shrek show. no pictures because i was too famished. it was just a chicken salad sandwich anyway. better than subway definitely.

dessert! walls mango gelato (mine) and chocolate mint (mom’s). ice creams in australia are much larger than the ones here. i prefer copenhagen though because it’s made freshly on the spot (including the cones). there’s one outlet near the hotel and we walk pass it every single day. i would always look out for this cute guy who works there in the night. must be his summer job or something. haha.

we did loads more at movie world but they’re not really worth mentioning.

headed back to the hotel at around 4.30pm. we went to a nearby supermarket to get fruits and non-fat yoghurt to go with the cereal at breakfast because the hotel only serves whole cream ones. i love yoplait’s non-fat cheesecake yoghurt which isn’t available in singapore (i’ve only checked ntuc. not sure about cold storage or marketplace though).

dinner was chinese. enough said.

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