wanted to do a really nice update yesterday but my house got flooded(!) so i had to help my parents clean the house. and it had to get flooded when nobody was at home. it was alright when i left the house at 12.15pm. after 2 hours, when i stepped into my house, i got the shock of my life. the whole scene reminded me of jumanji, somehow.

it started from the balcony,

to the dining room,

and to the kitchen. 2 rooms were affected as well. only the storeroom and the master bedroom was unaffected.

the cause of this whole shitty flood is due to the renovation upstairs. they were polishing the floor in the morning and deposited the residue into the small pipe at the balcony. the pipe got choked and the water started leaking from our pipe into the house.

so this whole thing is a big issue which involves hdb, town council and whatnot. my dad says that he is going to hire a lawyer if the contractor is not willing to pay for the damages (which includes my dad’s $2k osim vacuum cleaner. omg, good luck to them).

the only thing my mom is happy about is that my dad finally cleared all the useless rubbish in the balcony. LOL. which means spring cleaning for chinese new year is partly done now.

[mood: | busy]
[ : asian kung-fu generation – after dark (アフターダーク)]


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