He’s got the whole world in His hands

this is yet another super backdated post. :D

met up with the cuzzies on new year’s eve eve. cherie was in singapore for a couple of days and i couldn’t let her go back to canada without seeing her!

we went shopping at bugis village because cherie wanted some stuff. had venezia to cool ourselves down after that.

there’s a story behind this picture. i was telling pongie how grapey she looked because she was wearing purple. and cherie started asking us if we’ve watched the silly new ribena advert about the ribena berry and the lemon. i looked up and the poster was staring right back at me. i turned to cherie wide-eyed and said, “you’re the lemon”. thus, they started posing like the berry + lemon. they did tell me to be the bottle but…..

on the very same day, my parents decided to try out the newly bought teppanyaki grill!

there’s no need to go to seoul garden anymore. just come to my place. :D hoho~ with this, i can have okonomiyakis as well!!!

and on new year’s eve, i met up with the carbohydrates for our christmas gift exchange.

soon bee and i had lunch at crepes & cream first before meeting up with noodles.

i think the savory crepes are more worth it than the dessert crepes. the ham and mushroom crepe we had was really tasty. but my favorite place for crepes is still at marche’s. (:

we camwhored a little while waiting for noodles to arrive.

we gave her her belated birthday present because we didn’t have time to meet up during her actual bithday. glad that she liked it. the octopus represents her and the monkey represents her boyfriend. lol.

we walked around far east plaza and their things are seriously overpriced. the same $10 top at bugis village was going at $19.90 at FEP. tsk.

sigh. the weekends are ending soon. back to school and back to the mad rush of neverending projects.

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[ : one republic – dreaming out loud]


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