auzzie day 4

day 4 of my australia trip was spent at sea world.

yes, yes. i’m the shortest person in my family of four. i console myself my telling them that i’m travel size; good for bringing on trips because i will not cause any overweight in baggage. (:

honestly, there’s nothing much in sea world. couple of animals shows.. and not very thrilling rides… the thing i love most about sea world is probably their churros with strawberry filling which is so damn finger-licking good. but i love to see how smart the animals are especially the dolphins. i can never get sick of watching them jumping out of the water, performing cute stunts that makes u go “awww”.

some pictures from the aquarium. definitely better than singapore’s underwater world but so far, i think hong kong’s ocean park has the best aquarium of all (their stingrays are freaking HUGE).

we had dinner at some diner near our hotel because we had to go for the glo-worm night tour. it was a good experience despite having to walk in a pitch black forest with only a puny torch. we ended the trek at a glo-worm cave. couldn’t take any pictures because the glo-worms will stop glowing if i did. it was a beautiful sight though. just imagine a cave full of glowing dots and you’ll probably get what i mean.

lastly, i shall end of this post with a picture of my dad, enjoying his ride on the CHILDREN’S carousel. yes, i just had to emphasize on that. :D

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