a random foodie post

here’s some pictures of the food that i’ve consumed with my friends and family for the past 5 weeks. i just couldn’t bear to see them un-posted. so here it goes!

sugar loaf – located at the end of TP’s engineering school. their mains are quite pricey but their desserts are totally worth it. if i’m ever going back there, it would be for their desserts and ONLY their desserts.

the eastern restaurant – located at centrepoint.

my family was looking for a place to eat and we saw moses lim’s life-size poster outside this restaurant. so we decided to try it. i love this restaurant because three-quarters of their menu has the health promotion board healthier choice stickers on them. :D the most memorable dish had to be the egg white custard puff (third picture). it was originally supposed to have red bean fillings in them but on that day, they asked if we wanted the green tea version of it. and it was really goood. the puff pastry was entirely made up of egg whites and baked to perfection. the filling wasn’t too sweet as well.

botak jones – bedok branch. my burger was good but too huge a serving. ah liam and gwen maz had a hard time finishing up their food as well.

some japanese restaurant beside tampines swimming complex. the food wasn’t that bad but maybe because i was famished after the workout. the price we paid was worth its quantity. not particularly its quality though. i have high expectations when it comes to japanese food. heh. :P


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