i heart swimming

the girlies and i have been swimming regularly for the past 2 weeks and i have to say i’m loving it. i prefer swimming to jogging now. :D what a waste of my newly-bought trainers. i think i only used it for a couple of times. i may go back to jogging but not just yet though.

we had dinner at century square’s food junction:

ah liam and i had bibimbap!

whereas gwen maz had chicken chop with linguine.

after dinner, we walked around BHG and tried on some clothes for fun. it’s quite satisfying trying clothes without having the intention to buy them. but after trying 2 dresses, i have a sudden urge to buy a nice casual dress even though i doubt i will wear it very often. :\

tomorrow’s going to be an early day for me. i have to reach pasir ris by 8a.m! thankfully, it’s the last time we’re ever going to step into paris ris elias community club. and it sorta marks the end of our MP as well though we still have reports to write and a presentation to give. argh! 3 more weeks everybody!

[mood: | excited]
[ : fall out boy – thriller]


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