one omu rice with demiglace sauce please

chinese new year is here! but i dont feel the mood for it at all. not one single bit. i’ll probably be worrying about my projects while visiting the relatives. 3 projects to be handed up the day after new year. sheer torture…

30/01/2007 (Wednesday): met the girlies in town for shopping. before that, we had lunch at kitchen mogu mogu, a newly opened japanese bento eatery at far east plaza.

it looks good and all but so not worth it. my chicky bento costs $9.90 and the portion is really really small. i don’t think i’ll ever go back there again.

we shopped a little bit at far east plaza and i bought myself a dress. i have a penchant for dresses lately. i just got another one last saturday. :\

31/01/2007 (Thursday): after settling the marketing report and doing some dbmm (which i hate), ah liam and i met puibabe for dinner and k-box. it was his treat. thanks again puibabe :D

dinner was at esplanade’s ichiban boshi.

the ingredients were really fresh. i love the unagi with cheese sushi even though i couldn’t taste the cheese at all. but they made a mistake by putting sesame oil and red chili padi on my salmon-don. sheesh. it’s not fried rice for pete’s sake. fyi, raw salmon + sesame oil = gross.

walked to marina square’s kbox thereafter. we sang till our throats became dry. and they laughed at me while singing jay chou’s an jing because i could not read some of the words. so i paused quite a lot during the song. :(

had a really fun time. didn’t think about projects until i stepped out of the room. that’s the part and parcel of life i guess. or specifically, life in singapore where it is all about grades grades grades, not passion.

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