chinese new year celebrations pt. II

on the third day of the chinese new year, ah liam, gwen maz, jared, hao and nigel came over to my house for teppanyaki! we met at AMKhub first to get some food from NTUC.

went back to my place after that and prepared the food. surprisingly the guys were quite skilled at cutting the meats. marinated them with char siew sauce and black pepper sauce. two thumbs up.

food, glorious food. i made okonomiyaki as well.

after dinner, we played board games – taboo and pictionary. my mom loves to buy these kind of games but i seldom get to play them because i have nobody to play them with.

it was guys verses girls. had lots of laughs as well. jared drew a sheep that does not look like a sheep in pictionary and hao had a hard time explaining the word coconut in taboo. lol. the videos we took were hilarious.

after an hour of games, we proceeded downstairs to play sparkles.

it’s been a long time since i’ve played with these.

we tried taking jumping shots as well. it was difficult to get us all jump together nicely!


just had my major presentation earlier this morning. i’m SO happy that it’s all over. today’s probably the happiest day to me for this whole semester. :D

love you girlies. never break the bond we’ve shared during the past 3 years. *smooch*

i have loads more to blog about. shall post them all within the next few days. (:

[mood: | happy]
[ : paramore – love’s not a competition (kasier chiefs cover)]


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