3 days in a post, 1 week old

decided to take a short break from studying (my breaks are never short). XD

14/02/2008 (thursday):

thank you so much for the flowers and chocolates (:

after school, ah liam and i went to cineleisure to catch CJ7. it has been a long time since i’ve watched any movies on the big screen.

the movie was cute, touching, funny and eye-ball-rolling at the same time. 4 out of 5 stars perhaps?

after that, puibabe came to meet us for dinner.

we had nydc’s hawaiian baked rice that makes you go “ooh-la-la” at every single bite. but i have to say the hokkaido cream cheese baked rice at changing appetite (marina square) is to die for.

we went to centrepoint’s TCC for some drinks as well.

the service there sucks so avoid patronizing that outlet for now. the only thing i loved about that TCC was their lighting. the pictures we took gave us flawless skin. XD

15/02/2008 (friday):
swam at tampines sports complex early in the morning with gwen maz. went to nutty’s house after that to hang out with ah liam and the AFCs. we played psp, ds lite, taboo and pictionary the whole afternoon.

proceeded to bedok’s block 85 market for dinner.

18/02/2008 (monday):
met gwen maz all the way at boon lay because we had to hand in some documents for our application to NTU. not sure if i can get in but i shall not worry and leave it in God’s hands.

we got lost while trying to find the student service centre. the place is seriously $!#@%% huge! we took about 1 hour to locate it with some help from the students.

after that we went to IMM for lunch and shopping at daiso. though the daiso was quite huge, there wasn’t a lot of intersting things to buy.

lunch was at fish and co.

was really tired on that day because i only had 3 hours of sleep. was rushing my video for submission and i thought to myself, why do i always have to do things at the very last minute despite being aware of the consequences? :\

alright. i shall go study now. can’t wait to rot at home after tomorrow.

[mood: | lazy]
[ : faber drive – tongue tied]


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