mtv ruins all good bands

came back from dinner not long ago. mom treated my brother and i to waraku as today was unofficially, the last day of school for me. we have to wait until 21-23 may for the actual graduation.

had our favourite potato cheese mochi once again! threw half of my tonkatsu to my brother because the set (includes a bowl of udon and potato salad) was so darn filling. but very worth it. i should share the set with somebody the next round instead of eating one on my own. and mom says that we should drag dad for tom ton next time. weee!

on another note, i have to say that MTV is truly a ruiner for bands. and paramore is one of their soon to be victims. too much media = jealousy within the band because it’s all focused on hayley. i feel deeply saddened. i hope that they can really work it out and prevent the split.

[mood: | bloated]
[ : panic at the disco – time to dance]


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