happy birthday daddy.

yesterday was packed with events. went to church early in the morning for the combined anniversary service.

then, i met ah liam and gwen maz for lunch at around 2.30pm.

we had lunch at changing appetite (marina square) because they wanted to try the hokkaido cream cheese baked rice which is not on the menu anymore. :(

so we ate other things instead:

i had the chicken and mushroom fajitas which was really good. not too filling for the stomach either.

camwhored a little bit while waiting for our food to arrive.

love this picture of ah liam. LOL!

we love burgers, yes we doo~

after lunch, we went to the career & education fair held at suntec. nothing much though. lots of overseas universities and what-not.

met my family for dinner at ding tai feng, bishan junction 8 branch, to celebrate my dad’s birthday.

my brother and i got him a birthday cake from breadtalk. (: wanted cedele though but coffee club bought over their space.

i am still slacking at the moment. i feel that i should get a job soon but i’m a lazy ass.

[mood: lazy]
[ : panic at the disco – that green gentleman]


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