i still prefer online shopping

met gwen (maz) at bugis for some retail therapy but i didn’t buy anything in the end. just something for my face and that’s it. but it was still fun – better than rotting at home.

we had lunch at miss clarity cafe. set lunches are mostly below 10 bucks and the servings are quite huge with no gst and service charge. very worth it i must say. definitely on my “to-go-again” list.

the baked garlic crusted dory fish fillet that i had was really good. love the fragrant after-taste of the garlic. for dessert, we were served with a tiny piece of bread & butter pudding and i was quite surprised to find it piping hot.

after lunch, we went to bugis village to shop. maz bought lots of stuff. i wanted several items but most of them were overpriced. also had my eye on this topshop purse but it was $43. madness!

took some pictures in the loo:

walked around bugis junction in hopes of finding an over-sized clutch but i guess those are not popular in singapore yet… ):

anticipating for american idol tonight! david archuleta. ♥♥♥

[mood: smitten]
[ : yuna ito – alone again]


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