so happy together

met up with soon bee after church today. we have not seen each other for about 2 months?

we walked around vivocity for awhile. nothing much to shop there really. somehow, i still prefer orchard for shopping. so, we proceeded to orchard after 2 hours at vivo.

i am still searching for my ideal oversized clutch! most of the clutches that we saw were either too small, formal and ugly. saw a alright-looking one at accessorize though. but it was 55 bucks. :( i shall continue hunting for a perfect one.

we had early dinner at thai express:

i ate beef phat thai because i was craving for it and my favourite mango salad too.

after that we went to marks and spencer to get some biscuits. i like their new range of organic cookies. XD

some pictures of us:

and my buys from marks and spencer:

mom took leave from work tomorrow. (:

[mood: sleepy]
[ : NewS – weeeeks]

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