mumbai, india

my mom brought my brother and i to little india because we decided to have dinner at the french stall. but it was closed :( before the french stall moved to little india, it used to be at the food court just behind my church. that was like 8 years ago i think and we ate there almost every sunday. miss those times when victoria food court was around.

so, we ate at komalas instead. it’s a vegetarian indian fast food restaurant. my mom had naan:

and i had onion masala:

they gave me 2 types of curries and 3 types of sauces. my mom had 2 curries as well but they were totally different from mine so we had 4 in total. woohoo~ i liked the tofu curry most among the rest.

my brother had some burger but he has no idea what it contains. since it’s vegetarian, my mom figured that it would be made up of beans and tofu. he didn’t like it because he’s just being biased. *tsk*

went to mustafa after that and i’m amazed by their range of chocolates and biscuits. they even sell fake tim tams which costs only S$1.50. okay, they are not really fake – just that they are made in indonesia. it’s supposed to be an australian product!

we bought some stuff which cannot be found in our local supermarkets like premixed idli flour, masala flavoured maggi mee and poppadum which comes in pringles-inspired canisters.

i have decided to bake a cake tomorrow. stay tuned. :D

[mood: indecisive]
[ : mayday parade – jamie all over]


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