chips ahoy!

went out with the girlies today. our main task was to squeeze with the aunties at the isetan private sale to see if we can get any good deals but we didn’t buy a single thing from there.

before that, we had lunch at far east plaza. this shop at the 5th level is really cheap and good. i highly recommend the zha jiang mien, anything that contains fu zhou fishballs and the yummilicious pan-fried dumplings.

so we didn’t buy anything from isetan but at least we left the place with these photos. :D

i really love isetan’s supermarket. japanese stuff galore. i must try the giant takoyaki someday! it’s really HUGE! i want to try the cakes and the bentos as well!

ah liam loves _____. look at the expression on her face! she could have bought the thing that she’s holding, at the supermarket near her house but she chose to buy it in orchard. guess what it is?

we proceeded on to wisma. the isetan there was 1000 times emptier than the one at shaw house. LOL. so i bought my mango tank top from wisma instead since the price was the same.

more pictures taken in the toilet! we can take them anywhere and everywhere. (:

random pictures taken while shopping/walking around.

1. backview shot of maz and i
2. candid at nine west
3. random caucasian guys. ah liam took this because her love for them is h-u-g-e. :X haha! i have a hunch that they are buying tickets for maroon 5’s concert. :D just a hunch.
4. backview shot of ah liam and i

saw a oversized clutch at aldo that i really liked but it was the last piece and the condition was really bad. so i didn’t buy it even though it was on a 50% discount.

i shall end off my post by saying a big thank you to gwen mamaz for giving me this lovely notebook + a really sweet note accompanying it.

i was really touched. love you both loads. (:

[mood: confuzzled]
[ : faber drive – summer fades to fall]


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