another one of my foodie posts

made dinner again. no surprises there. i seem to be always cooking dinner these days. but my mom just asked me if i was looking for a job. i guess it’s time for me to retire as the house chef. lol.

steamed cabbage parcels

and stir-fried cabbage with some kimchee for flavour.


i helped babysit my little cousin for the past two evenings because his mom was in hong kong and his dad had some errands to run. he’s very very noisy but oh-so-cute. he came into my room, looked at my wall and said, “claire jie jie, your wall so nice. i want to take picture.” LOL. so cute la, that little darling. so i entertained him by taking his pictures with my wall; a potential camwhore when he grows up.

after like 12534542 shots, i lied that my camera has ran of battery. :X


stopped by ntuc after a visit to the library yesterday. bought loads of stuff but these two are my favourites:

yes, besides green tea, i have a weakness for strawberries as well. if you know me well, you would know that 10 million years ago. but yoghurt is a must even though there’s no strawberry flavour because it makes me poo every morning. i like to poo. keeps my intestines squeaky clean. XD

[mood: sore]
[ : all american rejects – dance inside]


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