do you believe in fairies?

i baked a batch of green tea muffins last saturday.

but i was thoroughly disappointed because neither did they taste or look like green tea muffins. the recipe calls for 2 teaspoons of green tea powder but i added like 5 teaspoons of it because i wanted the muffins to have a strong taste of green tea but noooo, it still tasted like normal muffins. :( so i went to taste the green tea powder and what the hell, it tasted like sugar. not green tea. next time, i’m going to use green tea leaves instead. >:( oh yes, they were a little hard too. :X i apologize to my friends who had to eat them. i will try again next time. haha!


met puibabe for lunch and movie yesterday.

lunch was at the omu rice stall located at takashimaya’s basement (lousy pictures because i forgot to put the SD card back into my camera. sutong-bo, i know. i know.) i had the hayashi omu rice which looks totally different from the one in lunch queen (drama). but it was so so so worth it compared to kitchen mogu mogu. *coughs*

after lunch, we walked around because we had time to spare before the movie which starts at 3.30.

watched spiderwick chronicles! i enjoyed this movie very much. magical creatures and fantasy related stories never fails to amaze me. i grew up reading enid blyton thus the huge liking. and thank you puibabe for the afternoon plus the constant nagging about spicing up singapore’s economy by psycho-ing people to buy things. -_-.

dad’s coming home in an hour!!! he called to say that he bought 3 dozens of krispy kreme. O_O

[mood: apprehensive]
[ : david archuleta – long and winding road]


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