why oh why?

why the suddenly change, you might ask. i guess i’m just sick of blogger.com. i was hesitant to change at first because wordpress makes you pay in order to customize your css (which is very silly if i must say). but i sorta got attached to crustypastels.wordpress. :D at least now, i don’t have to worry much about my blog design – just an occasional banner change will do.

i love the words “crusty pastels”. it has been ringing in my head for quite some time. it is going to be my new identity with a silly-looking panda mascot. wee!~


8 thoughts on “why oh why?

  1. yea.. i like wordpress cos the layouts are all done up alrdy! :D heh. and i think the name crusty pastels is cute! suits you. moho.


    maz: hoho! blogger also can leh! but i think wordpress.com sounds better than blogspot.com. that’s on of the reasons why i changed. HAHA.

    green-chan: haha! get as many type of accounts as you can! XD

  3. I KNOW.



    Anyways, good transtion – I’m considering one too, just not sure where. Blogger seems.. meh.


    puff: smart puff! *gives you a puff* lol. it’s either livejournal or wordpress. though livejournal is good but i wanna keep my posts as well so WORDPRESS. SWITCH TO WORDPRESS! :D

    ah liam: haha. soon, you will change your blog also. L O L. dunno why. i have the hweeling. XD

  5. i wanted to change to wordpress the other time but the layout not interesting enough. I will stick to blogspot.

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