saga seed hunting

i accompanied a friend to fort canning today because he wanted to pick saga seeds for his girlfriend. i’m probably one of those who doesn’t appreciate stuff like these because i told him straight in the face that it is a very cliché thing to do for your girl. *coughs* (quite bad i know :P for me, i prefer the guy to either compose a song about our love story or draw a portrait of us which portrays the deep love we have for each other. LOL. which means the guy either has to be a musician or an artist. dreaming la, claire au.) he laughed it off and said it was romantic. meh. i mean, we only managed to pick 6 seeds in total. so the reasons that i could manage to think of are: (1) lots of guys/girls pick them for their loved ones, (2) the seeds grew legs and ran away from the park so that people can’t pick them and stuff them into teeny airtight bottles. poor things.

other than hunting for seeds, i brought my camera along to entertain myself. took some shots of the park:

1. random flight of steps.

2. some dome thing. i think lots of couples take their wedding shots there.

3. i have no idea what flower this is. just like the contrast of it against the green leaves.

4. more flowers.

5. fat pigeons.

6. another flower.

and i’ve come to a conclusion that fort canning park would be a pretty good place to camwhore.

after the long walk, we went to plaza singapura for ice monster! (it was a treat in exchange for my company. woohoo~ thanks p.a.p.) great way to cool down your body heat. in fact, it cooled me down too much, i started to freeze.

the one on the left is mine. how can i live without strawberries. :D

we shared a plate of mango egg crepes with pork floss as well. sounds weird but i thought they went really well together.

my mom just finished cooking dinner. she made shark meat(!) with black bean sauce. *goes to try*

after a minute..

*is back* hey! it tastes not bad! like normal fish but with a smoother texture.

we the kings – whoa


10 thoughts on “saga seed hunting

  1. “i prefer the guy to either compose a song about our love story or draw a portrait of us which portrays the deep love we have for each other.” This will only happen if that guy is DAREN TAN/AH CHANG/AH ZHU/BECKHAM….MOST IMPORTANTLY,


  2. Bahaha. I’d tell the guy the same thing you did. :P I don’t think having hand-picked saga seeds put into a bottle is romantic. xD;;;

    …I think cookies are more romantic. *COUGH* DD:


    ah liam: no i dont they will be shocked. ** ahahaha

    green-chan: HAHA! yes, great minds think alike. hoho. homemade cookies?? O_O that would be good too.

  4. Mmmm somebody asking for something huh D:

    Well I can’t blame, I would love to receive cookies myself DDD:

    Maybe… PUFFS haha. xD

  5. compose a song about our love story – this is so shakespeare-ish la! LOL. i prefer a homecooked meal. :P

    eh let’s go camwhore & take artsy fartsy pics there someday! :)


    maz: HAHA! shakespeare compose poems, no? yes! let’s go there and take piccus. damn shiok but will become very sweaty and hot la!

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