project everlast shoes

i bought myself a pair of everlast shoes on impulse last week.

i thought it looked alright in white but my itchy hands just had to make a mark on it. i actually tried to save it by painting a coat of acrylic paint but i could still see the black black owl. so, i continued until it became this:

and the final product:

bah! these shoes make my feet hurt like hell.

would anybody care to commission me? LOL. joking. :\

panic by the disco – northern downpour


5 thoughts on “project everlast shoes

  1. Eh. NICE LEH.

    YAH. EVERLAST SHOES.WAH KAO.Really make my feet suffer whenever i put on. After dunno how many times then okay already.



    maz: haha thank youz **

    ah liam: DAMN PAIN LEH. BTH. can die. lol. noo. i dried it at home but brought it down to take piccus. HAHA. natural background you know. XD

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