a day in my life v.1

this is going to be an image heavy post! decided to do something different from the usual. (:

read on, read on…

7.45 am

half asleep. was actually waiting for the whole house to be mine before i officially wake up.

woke up eventually. washed up and had a glass of milk.

marigold’s multigrain milk makes me really full. a glass is enough to last me until noon.

surfed the net for a little while. emails to check and blogs to read.

it’s time to run some errands for my dad – a trip to the supermarket to get some food.

i was probably the youngest one there, really. and the good thing about running grocery errands is that i get to choose what i want. XD

stuff bought. lots of vegetables, my milk and 2 chickens which were darn heavy. had to sort the chickens as well. bones, fatty and lean portions separately. the sorting left my hands smelling yucky. i had to wash them a few times using my brother’s dettol shower gel before the smell could be removed entirely.

time to get ready to meet gwen a.k.a. maz!

showered and dressed up.

found this under a pile of my other bags and decided to use it. i think i bought it almost a year ago at borders.

i was running a little late!

met gwen at somerset. had lunch at waraku, starhub centre.

i was craving for their tofu salad. i love the dressing and the tofu which literally melts in your mouth. we shared a plate of potato cheese mochi as well. how can i ever leave waraku without eating that. the thing that i love about this branch is that they have traditional japanese seating arrangements (on the floor with cushions!). but since there are only 2 of us, we couldn’t request a traditional table which caters to 4 people and above.

we then headed down to wisma for some window shopping. on the way there, we saw this at the heeren bus stop.

it’s a voting “machine” to see if the public prefers the double bbq turkey bacon burger or the double mushroom swiss burger. i voted for the mushroom swiss, of course (it’s also in the lead!). i thought it was a very effective marketing scheme. it actually stimulates your mind to think about how each burger tastes like, and after voting, you may or may not have the craving to eat at burger king.

upon entering wisma, some girls gave us this:

luring customers through the means of free gifts. the gift was just a female symbol keychain thing.

tried some clothes at forever21 and cotton on.

i totally fell in love with this but they do not have it in my size (i had to pull the dress down from behind to take this decent picture). even if they do, i’d rather order it online. 30% cheaper, please. however, the 3 pieces that gwen tried are not available online. bet she’s still thinking of them now. :D are you are you?!

4.30 pm
we walked around some more and settled ourselves down at wheelock for a while to take pictures.

we took a total of 64 pictures in this very spot. yes, i counted. haha!

in case you were wondering what’s inside my carry case, here’s a picture. it’s big enough to fit two 600ml ice mountain bottles inside with a little bit of space left.

after camwhoring, we proceeded to isetan at shaw house. went to the supermarket at the basement as well. i love that supermarket loads. it’s packed with japanese goods. i bought myself a nice freshly grilled rice ball (yaki-onigiri) for 2 bucks and they put it in this really tiny plastic bag.

6.00 pm
left orchard and took the train home.

surprisingly, nobody was home.

ate my yaki-onigiri. after i took a bite, i mentally registered this as one of the items to have in my future obento! i found the recipe here. :D

tried on the threadless tee that i got from gwen. they had this $9 sale last month and i asked her to order it for me! the orange tee that she was wearing in the pictures is from threadless as well. we love threadless. yes, we do!

it reads “a city built on rock n’ roll would be structurally unsound“.

8.00 pm
after bathing, i watched special-a and vampire knight on veohtv. miyano mamoru! *squeals*

i still love him best as tamaki suou though.

read a chapter of “the time traveler’s wife“. it’s a really good old-fashioned romance story about this man who time travels out of his own will and a girl who fell in love with him since she was 6 years old and how they led their lives together despite his dysfunction.

played 48 minutes of cooking academy because i downloaded the 60-minute trial from big fish games.

it is exactly like cooking mama just that you’re playing using the mouse (which sucks in control) and the storyline is a wee bit different – you have to take “cooking exams” before you can proceed to the next section of the menu. i only managed to complete my appetizer menu, exams and half of the breakfast menu. i don’t think i will download the full version though because i have cooking mama on my ds. but if you don’t and you love cooking mama, try it. great way to waste your time.

10.00 pm

watched idol gives back while chatting online. one of the guest performer was miley cyrus, a 15 year old actress/singer. while i was watching her sing, this thought came into my head: “what if she’s in love with david.a?!” L O L. but nah, although she’s 2 years younger than him, she looks 5 years older. no kidding.

12.45 am

goodnight world.

all time low – umbrella


11 thoughts on “a day in my life v.1

  1. Gosh. I love your post au au. And you are really really pretty.

    See you real soon alright?

    Oh by the way, i don’t like that multi-grain milk cos it taste really weird.LOL


    ah liam: thanks liamy! see you soon because next month is MAY MAY MAY MAY MAY! mohohoho! i love my milk. :D


    maz: i knew it was you! hahaha.

    ah liam: no. haha. not VS. it’s bath & body works cherry blossom body spray. my aunt bought it from US. quite shiok also. **


    ah liam: nice. me likes bath & body works man. their other flavours sounds really nice. they have vanilla ice cream spray also. L O L.

  5. I KNOW



    .. okay crazy idea. haha xD

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