something’s baking…

yes, something’s baking but i’m not telling at the moment. :D

on another note, i have finally got a job! moneh, please!!! though it’s not something that i would like to do (admin, urgh), it’s just for a couple of months. besides i have side projects as well – need to help my uncle to design a website. he didn’t say if he was paying me but, i guess family just expects you to help them without giving back anything in return.

so yes, more about the job. my aunt is actually working there and she’s the one who got me the position (hurray for connections). the place is at international plaza (tanjong pagar) and i’ll be working from 8.30am – 5.30pm, 5 days a week.

hellooo, mundane days. at least i get to start making obentos for lunch! :D


5 thoughts on “something’s baking…


    ah liam: L O L. it’s 5.30pm. TYPO. L O L O L O L. international plaza is just beside the mrt. haha. i’ll be the first to chiong home. wee~

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