G.D.O. (Girlies Day Out)

26 April 2008 (saturday):

met the girlies for early dinner at raffles city’s soup spoon. food was delicious as always. after eating, ah liam gave us each a present. :D gwen got a pen and i got 2 pairs of chopsticks which totally matches my favourite bento box (thanks so much liam. i will think of you when i use it. XD)

walked to marina square after that. on the way there, we took like 452634 pictures. :\

first, we stopped at the “chopsticks” monument. felt like a tourist posing in front of it.

next, we plopped ourselves down on a bench and took MORE pictures.

and finally we reached marina square where ah liam bought loads of body/facial products from various stores.

took EVEN MORE pictures after our toilet break. but i shall only post one because because. (:

headed to azabu sabo for desserts. it was ah liam’s treat because she loves us so much. haha! thank you ah liamy :):):) i love you too.

i had ice cream with baked sweet potato and green tea sauce. so lip-smacking GOOD.

thurday’s a public holiday! i’m meeting the girlies again! and my parents will be away on a holiday (again) from the 1st to the 4th! they did ask me if i wanted to join them but nah… not really interested in ho chi minh city. sure, they have pretty french buildings but that’s it. i shall just let them have a wonderful 324134th honeymoon.

david cook – always be my baby


4 thoughts on “G.D.O. (Girlies Day Out)


    puibabe: no time now :P

    puff: yes i know it’s a war memorial. lol. my SS teacher calls it the chopsticks.

    liam: :D love

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