thank God for public holidays

1 may 2008 (thursday):

instead of using the public holidays to rest and slack at home, i went out for the whole day instead which left my feet pretty sore at the end of the day. but it was worth it, catching up with friends and stuff.

met liam early in the morning at queenstown. went to anchorpoint to take a look at the outlet shops.

the place was quite disappointing but we managed to get some stuff at pretty good deals (a G2000 top for only $13). :) walked around queensway shopping centre as well. saw this adidas bag that was ideal for swimming but decided not to buy it due to the fear of it being stolen.

after that we took the train down to bugis. the weather was so freakin’ hot and the amount of people at bugis village was overwhelming. love the shops that sells everything at 10 bucks. i have been getting tops for work because 80% of my wardrobe consists of tees. i feel sad that i only get to wear them on weekends.

met up with gwen and the guys at around 5. had swensens for dinner.

i decided to give the gwen’s salad the biggest box because it was the most worth it out of the other orders. my salmon was pathetic. it was obviously less than a one normal serving of fish. nat’s burger was pretty worth it too. it was quite awkward at first because we didn’t have something to talk about but we had an interesting conversation soon after which resulted in many water refills. since there was a queue outside, we decided to find somewhere else to chat.

we settled ourselves on the steps of marina square and doing what we girls do best.

why so emo?

another week has come and gone. the day where i become neither a teen nor an adult is drawing near.


6 thoughts on “thank God for public holidays


    gwen: eh no leh. veggies are quite ex nowadays. haha. somemore yours got meat! if u buy like 1 serving of salad from cold storage 3 bucks ok!

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