met up with cuzzie pongie after work today! she’s finally done with her masterpiece (final year project). good for her; plus she got a scholarship at osaka university. 3 years. O_O 1 year is being spent on learning japanese and getting to know japan = practically a holiday!

anyways, we had dinner at bugis junction’s revamped basement. it’s practically food haven now.

first we shared a bowl of korean rice cake (pictures ahead are pretty blurry because i forgot to insert the memory card in my camera for the umpteenth time. so i used my mobile instead).

it was too chewy for my liking :\ my favourite korean dish is still bibimbap. or kimchi-related dishes.

then, we had a japanese savoury crepe each:

i had the tuna crepe sandwich. it was really good but the amount of mayo used was too overwhelming! the next time i eat this (which i definitely will), i’ll tell them to cut down on the mayo by 70%? lol.

steamed carrot/yam/pumpkin cake.

and uzumaki ice cream for dessert. i had the wasabi flavoured one whereas pongie had the bubble tea one. i could taste the wasabi but it does not sting ze nose. perfect. i actually loved it.

after filling our stomachs, we walked to…

haji lane! i’ve been wanting to visit this place for quite some time so when pongie suggested that we go there, i immediately said yes.

i l-o-v-e haji lane. not so much of the things they sell but the layout and design of every single shop. i did come across a couple of shops that i liked though and guess what do they sell? OVERSIZED CLUTCHES. LOTS OF THEM. i literally went crazy when i saw the clutches. although there were lots of them, only a few stood out for me. some were too small in my opinion and some were just… not that nice.

after much contemplation and many “so how, pongie?”s i decided on this:

it’s metallic, kinda flashy but goes really well with my jeans. plus the shop offers a 15% discount storewide for students all year round. XD i know. i know. technically, i’m not a student anymore but they assumed so i accepted. i mean, who doesn’t want a discount right?

the fray – how to save a life


5 thoughts on “haji-intoxication

  1. eh sotong.dun be sotong already leh. make sure on Sat the memory card is in ur camera. Otherwise i’ll chop uuuuuuuuuuu.


    anyways,the clutch’s not bad.


    liam: haha! i’ll make sure i check before i leave.

    gwenz: yea! and they only have one piece for each design. @_@ haji lane rocks leh. you will like. by the way the wasabi ice cream is really really good. ahah!! who knew wasabi could be a dessert. :\

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