tanjōbi omedetō! pt. I

my official birthday is tomorrow but i had an early birthday celebration with the girlies, liam and gwenz, yesterday. they asked me to meet them at city hall, 12.15pm. received a call from liam while i was on the train and she said that she was reaching soon and i was to sms her when i reach (plus there was something about gwenz being half an hour late :\ and i actually believed her) and i received this message in return:

i smiled to myself and proceeded to shokudo. i waited outside for quite awhile because there was a chopsticks wall outside the restaurant. i even looked for possible hidden notes. -_-. L O L. so i called and they were inside waiting for me with a cake (my favourite kind!):

i sat down and they sang me the birthday song. i was extremely touched.

pictures of us with the cake.

after putting the cake away, we went to get our lunch. fyi, shokudo is a marché-inspired japanese restaurant. i foresee myself going there quite often in the future. :D i love the ambience, the decor. the food is alright so far – there’s lots more for me to try.

after walking around twice, i finally settled on omu rice with grilled chicken:

gwenz had this too.

liam had katsu curry rice:

this is one of the best green tea drinks i have ever tasted. it’s even better than starbuck’s green tea latte. however, liam and gwenz didn’t like it because the green tea taste was too strong for them.

for dessert, we had crepes and waffles. the waffles are really moist and fluffy; 10 times better than gelaré. some of the ice cream flavours they have are: green tea, strawberry yoghurt, rock melon, sweet potato with chestnut, raspberry sorbet, oreo etc.

i wanted to try the sweet potato ice cream but the chef gave me oreo instead. -_-. it’s okay though. there will always be a next time. one advise, if you want to eat mains, don’t get dessert and vice versa.

after eating, they presented me with my present:

body shop! i love the pretty box!

aqua lily eau de toilette and body lotion. i’ve already started using them and i smell darn good. haha!

to digest our food, we walked around marina square and suntec city. we found this secluded toilet and took about close to a hundred pictures?

during one point, gwenz started hitting liamz because she made fun of her pronunciation of strawberry shortKACK. L O L. ridiculously funny. and for 30 minutes, “KACK” was used to describe every single thing. some of the stuff said were: “i feel so kack”, “what the kack?”, “you kacky ass”, “are we going to kack now?”. madness.

left them at 5.30pm because i had to go to my grandmother’s house for dinner – my aunt cooked my favourite yi mee. (:

had a really good time yesterday. thanks a lot girlies. i thank God everyday for placing such wonderful friends in my life.


3 thoughts on “tanjōbi omedetō! pt. I


    I love this post.LOL..

    Praise the Lord. Thank God for planting such sweet friends (:

    We are of the same age now *giggles*

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